This is Sakuya Izayoi, with special skills.

This is a wonderful song too, yet very fast. To play it, you should really listen to the bideo many many times until you can hum the music perfectly all the time, and that you can picture the notes in your head. This song is also very very fast, so CUTTING YOUR NAILS will be a big help. I know i always say that, but it is really really important, and it is constantly forgotten. But for those with true love for the piano, they usually remember. This song would be done faster if you learned it with an experienced piano teacher, if you desired to perform a piano piece soon. This song would leave the audience in awe, since it is so nice sounding and fast. The younger you are, the more awe you leave them in. But that doesn't matter at all, the love for piano has nothing to do with your age^^. So, this song you might even want to print the music sheet for it, for easier memorization. Please search for " Flowering nights piano tutorial" or again, "piano cover" would also work

I really recommend listening to fast songs on YouTube that are performed by others that know how to play it, it increases inspiration, determination, optimism, encouragement, self courage, and knowledge to play the song.

Please enjoy this song as well~

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